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Re: Behold. & "New" Groo Sighting

The Hall of Mendicants is really cool looking, as any fool can plainly see!
 Nate, you have done it again!  (and when you Mom finds out, boy, are you
gonna be in trouble!)  

Re: Comics Market Place #67 Drawing dated 1994:

> ME: Yeah...it was done for something else.  And I can't think what.

Oh Boy!  Another mystery.  Another search.  Another entry on the Other
Original Groo Apearances section of the Groo List!! 

New Sightings!  International Reprints!  Soon to be Trade paperbacks!  A
current Groo Mini-Series!  Fanboy!  T-Shirts! Groo Pads!!!! I am awash with
Groo!  Ahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!          -Gary "Beyond All Hope"
   Gary "Beyond All Hop