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Re: Behold...

Nate Piekos wrote:

> (anybody... make up some names for the bulletin board...)   Something with
> the Sage perhaps?  "The Sage Cafe?) Does anyone else think the Cheese Dip
> Lounge isn't OK?
> ~Nate P.

I'd just as soon have another name.  I don't even mind Pal and Drumm's Inn.
"Cheese Dip Lounge" brings to my mind a vision of lounging in the stuff ,
slithering out of my easy chair and not being able to reecognize any of the
other inhabitants because everybody is slathered in the stuff.  Maybe Sylva's
Inn,  to remind us that someone in Groo's world appreciated him.
Loved the door for the HOM,  I thought the axe wounds were a great touch.
Sergio would probably object to the arch though, as it has no proper
keystone.  Just as Groo walks through, down it comes.