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Re: This Just In...

Hi Folks!

OK, you all know the Stardust Art Portfolio is a benefit for Karen Vess,
wife of Charles Vess, who was in a really nasty car accident with C6/C7
spinal cord damage and is racking up all sorts of medical bills, right?  So
here is your chance to get Two (2) Sergio prints (which may or may not have
Groos-I don't really care) some stuff by other artists that are no doubt
pretty cool too, for a really, really cheap price AND feel like you are
being a good person.  Deals like this don't come along everyday.  So buy,
buy, buy.  Obviously, the portfolio would make a great present for a
discerning comic art fan.  (btw, if someone you know gets the idea to sell
one of these things on ebay for anything other than additional funds for
Ms. Vess, tell them I WILL commission Shane to blow up their computer.)  

Also, I had one on order through my comic book shop (it's been held up a
couple times) and I just got off the phone to them about how ordering
direct gets me a special Sergio print: Being way cool folks, they
understood.  Here's the ordering info peeled off the website:

Green Man Press 
152 East Main Street
Abingdon, Virginia 24210

Thirty art plates by the best illustrators in the field and two chapbooks
by Neil Gaiman and Susanna Clarke; all enclosed in a beautiful
shrink-wrapped portfolio.

Please note: The portfolio is available for $12.95 US (Check or money
Please add $3.00 for the postage and handling; 
add $1.00 for each portfolio ordered therafter.

Canadian folks:  The canadian price is listed as $18.95, but it also says
to send the check or money order in US funds only, so I'm a little confused

Take care -Gary G.  

> From: Mike <ackbar@blast.net>
> To: groop@groo.com; Nate Piekos <nate@piekosarts.com>
> Subject: This Just In...
> Date: Thursday, March 18, 1999 5:29 PM
> I just saw on the Neil Gaiman newsgroup that the Stardust Art Portfolio
> is now available from green Man Press.  (Bear with me, this _is_ on topic
> ;) )
> Anyhoo, when you order direct from GMP, you get an exclusive (?) plate by
> Sergio!  Details here:  http://www.greenmanpress.com/web/merch/fos.html