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Mark/Groo Drawing APB

Hi again Folks!

If Mark and Sergio can't remember where the drawing from 1994 that was just
reprinted in Comic Market Place #67 was first published, I will give a
prize to whoever figures it out.  I usually don't have much trouble
tracking down anything that recent, but I gotta know what the heck I'm
looking for!  So this is my official request for an All Points Bulletin!  

I don't know what the prize will be, I have a number of extra things that I
could let the winner choose from, a Pacific Groo #1, A StarSlayer #5, a
signed Sergio business card, a signed Groo card (#111, which Eric Chun gave
to me for a prize!), stuff like that.   

Actually, I've been thinking of giving a prize to anyone who discovers a
bona fide heretofore unknown Groo Sighting.  

Anywho, take care,

-Gary G.

PS to Squirrel:  Your mole moles have been rooted out and sent down the
Road of Death in classic mole justice.  They are herded out in broad
daylight blinded by the sun, with the sound of approaching coyotes behind
them and a busy highway in front of them.  Most choose the highway and get