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HoM Submissions!

OK, simply reply to this e-mail after you've filled out this form.  
Remember... this is for posterity....  (I'm using this e-mail address so 
my personal e-mail doesn't get cluttered w/ submissions.)

Name:  (your real name)
Nick Name: (If you have one.)
E-mail address: (duh...)
Location: (You know, where you is.)
Quote: (If you've got one you're known for.)
ICQ: (or other instant message...)
Ebay Handle: (if you have one.)
Links: (got a home page?)
When not Grooing I...
I like my cheese dip....
Bio:  (This one is important.  List any important contributions you've 
made to the groop, a little bit about yourself, etc.  But keep it 

If you wanna send a scanned picture now, go for it.  those who can't 
provide one... will be subjected to my whim when it comes time to put 
something where your picture should have been... hehheheh.

And be patient.  It may take a while for me to do these.

~Nate P.~ Please DO NOT send pictures or your application to my personal 
mail.  reply to this one. ( praetorianguard@hotmail.com )

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