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Groo on MAD Subscriber Protective Cover

Subscribers to MAD receive their issues with a protective cover over 
the regular issue.  Aragones provided all new marginals for the 
protective cover a few issues back (MAD No. 378) and did so again for 
the protective cover of the most recent issue, MAD No. 380 (April 1999, 
Jeopardy cover).  

In one of the protective cover marginals for MAD No. 380 is our boy, 
Groo (as well as a devilish Sergio self caricature).  Ruben take note 
for Sergiography and Gary for the Groo List (Groo did not appear in the 
protective cover marginals for MAD NO. 378).  These all new Aragones 
marginals alone have been worth the price of a MAD subscription since 
only subscribers get these protective covers!

Dr. Slaubaugh - AKA Mike S.