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Re: Rouge Ducks or Phantom Meatballs

DanielBron@aol.com wrote:
> I have noticed something very odd.  Everytime the Groop gets quiet, 2 or 3
> persons (correct English) immediately ASSUME they've been kicked.  Why?  Is
> there precedent for this?  It goes against common sense, and, one would think,
> that since these are often the same people (or different people, my point
> still applies) that they would have learned by now that the Groop has just
> gotten quiet.  It's a heuristic thing.  I'm not trying to insult anyone, or
> anything, but I really want to know why this is.  I think people are doing
> this just for something to say.  Like I am in this message.  Yep, I was bored,
> and wanted to sound arrogant.  

Unfortunately, there have been numerous instances where groop members
have become mysteriously "kicked" out of groo-l. 

So when it so happens that a person, middle-ager/old-timer who's had the
experience of being "kicked" out or has heard of the occurence of such,
notices no emails from the groop after a days of large volume, they
assume they have been so "kicked".

It's awful.
You miss a lot of threads and the same old jokes.