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M.E. article in CBG #1323

I really got a kick out of the P.O.V. in CBG #1323. I really think the
majority of our comic book reading society doesn't give enough credit to
the older generation of artists. People will look at Jim Lees or Todd
McFarlins artwork and then compare it to someone like Neil Adams or maybe
even Pat Boyette. I hear the converstions enough at my local comic shop. I
don't think they compare in anyway what-so-ever. You couldn't even begin to
rank the two in the same category.

Anyway... I love the 'Old School' artists much more than todays current
artists. I like the history, or better yet, the ability to learn more about
them and what they did for the comic book world as we know it today. I
think I learn most of my stuff from the P.O.V.

Anyways once again, cause it's late and my brain hurts from coding web
sites too long, I think Jim Steranko deserves to be in one of your P.O.V.s
someday... From what I know and the brief time I got to meet him... he
seems like one of those 'cool' artists (the kind that enjoys talking to his
fans) the deserves to be mentioned in P.O.V. (and this way I could get to
learn more about him.)

In case anyone didn't notice, Jim Steranko is my all time favorite artist!

Dr. Clarke - aka SAC
Shane A. Clarke
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