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Groo Mini Dilemma

Okay Groop,
Here's my story.  
Quite a while ago, I mentioned to the Groop that you could contact Wolf 
here in Boise to get some of the Groo mini's that were printed up.  
After that, Wolf went to his storage area and found a box with several 
sets and began selling them to the Groop. At this time, I still had not 
gotten a set for myself. 
I went into a second had store and noticed on the shelf two unopened 
blister packs of Groo mini's marked at $2 each.  Yes, I pinched my self 
and then pinched again.  Needless to say, they did not remain on the 
shelf and the owner had no idea where they had come from.  I asked.
Anyway, about a month ago, I contacted Wolf again to see if he would 
leave me a set at the store and I would come by that weekend and pick 
them up.  We had been doing this for several months but were never able 
to connect.  I got a reply saying that he had 4 of the 5 blisters that 
he would get into the store on hold for me, but that he did not have any 
other of the #4 packs.  I was bummed, no complete set.  About 2 weeks a 
go, I noticed that Wolf had some more sets of minis listed on ebay.  I 
e-mailed him to see if he had another #4 I could get to complete my set.  
The reply I got was that he had found another box with minis and since 
they were selling so well on ebay, he couldn't let me have one unless I 
won it on ebay.  
Since I had bought the 2 packs in the other store, I have moved a couple 
of times and was not sure where they might be (a lot of my stuff is 
still boxed up for space reasons)  Anyway,  I was finally able to find 
able to find them and lo and behold there was a #4 and a #5 !!!  I was 
overjoyed !!!  Finally, A complete set.

I guess you are by now wondering what my dilemma is.  Well, if you read 
the above, you know that I now have an extra #5 which is the pack 
containing a mini of the Cover Dragon.  I want to offer it up to someone 
on the Groop, but I really don't know what to do.  I don't want to 
auction for money, but that would profit me, and there has been enough 
profiteering of these mini's already.  I was thinking about maybe 
trading it to the best offer, but then that would profit me also.  I 
want to be fair and let everyone have a chance for it, so I won't offer 
it to the first person who replies.

Maybe a sad story contest?  Everyone has a week or two to convince me 
(privately, please) that they are truly in need of this mini for some 
reason or other.  At the end of the allotted time period, I will tell 
all who won along with the story that got them there.

How does this sound?  Anyone have a better idea?  Let me know and we can 
go from there.

Tony Dodds -aka Grundor
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