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Re: Groo Mini Dilemma

Tony Dodds wrote:
> I guess you are by now wondering what my dilemma is.  Well, if you read
> the above, you know that I now have an extra #5 which is the pack
> containing a mini of the Cover Dragon.  I want to offer it up to someone
> on the Groop, but I really don't know what to do.  I don't want to
> auction for money, but that would profit me, and there has been enough
> profiteering of these mini's already.  I was thinking about maybe
> trading it to the best offer, but then that would profit me also.  I
> want to be fair and let everyone have a chance for it, so I won't offer
> it to the first person who replies.

	I don't really think there is a 'problem' with auctioning off the minis
(or anything else) for money, if that money in turn allows you to
purchase more Groo or Aragones collectibles.  I don't really like it
when stuff like the minis or autographs or illegal merchandise is sold
for pure profit.  But that's just IMHO, of course, and it is a free
world after all....

All best,