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Re: Unidentified subject!

I got 1 card in about 15 packets (I was too slow of mind to buy a box) but I
also got a signed card, number 96 "Tough Mission" which shows Rufferto
perched precariously on the claw of a Floom Floom.

ME - were the signed cards random or was there like 1 of each of the normal
cards signed ?

And does anyone besides me call Floom Flooms Floom Flooms rather than
Dragons ?

Greg - The Grooless Wanderer - Craill.

>>      Did anyone try to gauge the occurence of the IG cards?  My
>> suggested that the stated rate of 1 out of 7 packs was way too high.
Closer to
>> 1 in 10 or 12.
> Maybe someone should do a poll so we can generate some real stats on
>this.... Any takers?  If no one is up for it, I'll take a poll after
>this whole Groopad afair settles down.  I wonder if Wildstorm has any
>real production numbers available.....
> Personally, I think I got 3 IGs in a box.