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Sergoats vs. Cosmic Sheep

Today I received my very joyous and happy time copies of TWE.  The package of
which was clearly marked: "Do Not Bend or [sic] Fold".  Of course, how did I
find it?  Folded in quarters, that's how, to fit in my mailbox.  In addition,
someone must have whipped out his spindlier and set-to, 'cause it was spindled
up something fierce.

I'm just kidding. It was vaguely folded in half, but the rollie kind of fold
that leaves no creases.  However, the principle's the same.

There was however, the real matter of false advertising. 
To Wit:
In my package got a note stating that there were NO space sheep in any
published edition of TWE. 

This is upsetting.  No attempt was made to inform me of this situation BEFORE
the comics arrived, which hints at something, hmm..... ;P

Also on this note there was the mysterious phrase "My bologna has a first
name". I'm certain this is some kind of code phrase for the KGB.  I mean, what
kind of real American spells "Baloney" "Bologna"?  Maybe TWE doesn't stand for
"The Whole Enchilada" after all, but is the acronym for some clandestine
unpronounceable Communist government agency. 


PS:  I think the Cosmic Sheep should meet the SerGoats (or is it AraGoats?).

PPS:  The sparrow flies at midnight, and there are no frogs.  The Rouge Duck
has secured the Phantom Meatball.

Hey!  Did you know there's meat in these things?