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Groo Cards: IG & Signed

Hi Folks!

OK, first IG cards.  I bought a box and it had 3, I think, which I thought
was pretty lame.  Then I bought a second box and it had 1, which was beyond
lame.  So I called Wild Storm and talked to some guy in charge of something
or the other and he sent a complete set to sooth the savage Groo fan.  (You
are now permitted to groan, boo, hiss, and throw things at me).    I think
1 IG card in 12-14 packs is about the actual ratio.  Roughly twice what was

Now to Signed Cards:  I thought we had figured out that there was no way to
distinguish between signed cards pulled out of packs and cards Sergio has
signed at conventions.    However, Shane just pointed out (I think) that
maybe the signed cards inserted in packs were signed in BLUE ink, while he
typically signs things at conventions in BLACK ink, like the one I got from
Eric Chun.  Hmmm.  

Hey, Ruben, Rat, and Mike S!  I believe you three have or had signed cards
that you pulled out of packs.  What color is/was the ink?  

The problem is, or course, that I'm sure Sergio has blue pens on hand (he
has red and gold!) and would be happy to sign cards at conventions in blue
as well as black (or red or gold) and probably has!  So I'd still be very
reluctant to make the signed-in-blue cards a Groo List Item.  

Anywho, I'll be interested to hear from folks who have actually pulled one
of the darn things!