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Re: Groo Cards: IG & Signed

The Grossmanns wrote:

> are now permitted to groan, boo, hiss, and throw things at me).    I think

	Groan! Boo! Hiss! Toss Toss! Rattle Rattle!

> Hey, Ruben, Rat, and Mike S!  I believe you three have or had signed cards
> that you pulled out of packs.  What color is/was the ink?

	Black.  I have both a card that came signed in the pack, and several
that I had Sergio signed, and I can't tell the difference between either

> The problem is, or course, that I'm sure Sergio has blue pens on hand (he
> has red and gold!) and would be happy to sign cards at conventions in blue

	He would probably try signing with a stapler if you asked him to....

	Sergio doesn't like to sign in Gold because he says the ink eventually
turns black.  I think he only does it if the item the person wants
signed is too dark to be signed in anything but (a dark cover or poster,

All best,