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US shipping rates

Ruben wrote:

> You can even e-mail me an excel spreadsheet or whatever.  Or maybe there
> is a web site for this stuff?
> I want to make sure i'm not being 'duped' with more handling than
> shipping on my ebay transactions... :-}

ALL US shipping rates can be found at www.usps.gov

It's an excellent resource to be sure. Of particular note is the "Global
Priority Rate" for international shipments. For only $6.95, you can ship
to all of Western Europe (& some other locales). This is NOT done by
weight. It's whatever you can squeeze into a FedEx size mailer (which is
provided by the post office). The Pacific Rim WAS only $7.95 for same
service, but it recently went up to $8.95 with the recent rate change.
Oh yeah, these items arrive usually in about 3 days!!