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Groo - ism (Did they err...)

This is an extract from mail that was sent to me. To understand what is
going on
a) You can sign up to ISP's that do not charge (free!).
b) The UK does not have free local calls (between $1-4 per hour).
c) BT (British Telecom) bill quarterly

Of course it is slow it's FREE so everyone is using it.
An interesting tale now follows from my mother (at 60+ she is into
computers). Anyway she attends various nightschool classes, the current
being one on web publishing (it sounds crap and she is not impressed but the
lecturer is getting money for old rope). In her class are two younger ladies
who apparently have signed up to one of these FREE ISPs. They were bemoaning
the fact that they had trouble getting in to the service  (on a Monday
morning as it happens) but they had cracked it by dialing in the early hours
of Saturday morning and leaving the connection up until Monday morning, but
it was allright cos the it was a FREE service.
My mother is pretty astute in these things now and having searched her
conscience decided that she had no compassion and would let BT tell them
where they were going wrong at the end of the quarter!