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Re: HoM Update

At 06:55 PM 3/23/99 -0000, you wrote:
>Please don't think me picky, but how does the lock on the door to the Hall
>actually work?
>It looks like it's straddling the join 'twixt the two doors!
>Did you Err?
>P.S. Don't you just hate it when people say things like that!

~~~~  The only way to get a good look at the lock would be to get by the
big guy.  But if you stopped and stared at it, he'd think you were a thief
and kill you .... so.... you'd have to take him out.... Your best bet to
take him out is to be friendly with him right off the bat, get him to
attempt to open the door... he has the key around his neck.  Now, in order
to get it off to let someone in, he'd have to put down one of the 2 items
he's holding.  Since it's easier to put down the halberd, he'd probably do
that. At which time you and a couple of friends could rush him.  Always aim
for the soft areas, the eyes, groin, and neck.  You can do the most damage
there with the least effort.  Assuming you kill him/knock him out, you
could get the key yourself.  Open the doors and examine it.... you would
see the following:

viewed as a cross section, "A" is the left door.  "B" is the right door.
"b" is the lock it is attched to "B" door.


Obviously you'd have to open B door first and reversely, close A door
first. The key shaft is a hollowed cylinder running in a 1/2 circle between
each door.  It has 4 tumblers (I mean, this isn't high tech after all!)

Now not only can you get  a good look at the lock, but you now have access
to the Hall.  Of course, you forgot about the spring-loaded 6' floom-floom
jaws which extend out of the rug on the floor (unless the big guy depresses
the 3rd brick on the left side of the doors. -- but you just killed/knocked
him out) and slam shut around your waistline, probably almost cutting you
into 2 large chunks in a spray of ick.  .... now, Ralph, you tell me, was
it worth knowing?

~Nate P.~ All good DM's can pull a plausible line of Bull S**t out of their
hat when they need to.
Nate Piekos            nate@piekosarts.com