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G&R #3


Well, I know it's old news, but I got G&R #3 last saturday. I read it from
the first to the last page, and liked the way Sergio and Mark mocked our
society bad sides, as they did (by the use of metaphors) in too many Groo
issues to count (Epic #53 (the first Groo issue I ever read), the
puppeteers story, the garbage issue, Groo's trial, and many many others).

My guess for #4 is that Ravenus in transported in time where Rufferto is.
And swap theirs places in Time, and Ravenus is robbed by a gan, and... er
no, in fact, Ravenus' gold will end up now and the spotted one gets back
to his master (I mean, Sergio won't send Groo to now! Please tell me he
won't!! When is the next flight for somewhen else, please?)...

Anyway, then I casually read the Groo Grams... and what did I see on the
second page of the Groo-Grams? My own letter!!! (well, one among the poor
attempts I made at a Groo letter (including, but not limited to, a letter
apparently despising Stan Sakai's work in Groo, but in fact saying how 
great it was (if you read only one line out of two... 'guess my hidden
message wasn't found)))

So please excuse me if I publicly...
WAAAAHOOOOWW!!!!! Yeppeee Ippy zippydigo-tada-WOW!!!
Me OWN letter IN DA GROO-GRAMS!! YAAAooooww!!!!

(I am not even good at transcribing my shouts and dancing/jumping on the
floor, my girlfriend gazing at me ("oh no, it's happening again..."),
and trying to remember the phone number of the psychiatrist)

Anyway, that was a great time. Thanks Mark.

 Philippe BRUHAT - BooK                        http://www2.ec-lille.fr/~book/

 What everyone wants, nobody gets, What nobody gets, everybody wants.
                                    (Moral from Groo The Wanderer #47 (Epic))