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SV: Groo Cards: IG & Signed

>Hi Folks!
>OK, first IG cards.  I bought a box and it had 3, I think, which I thought
>was pretty lame.  Then I bought a second box and it had 1, which was beyond
>lame.  So I called Wild Storm and talked to some guy in charge of something
>or the other and he sent a complete set to sooth the savage Groo fan.  (You
>are now permitted to groan, boo, hiss, and throw things at me).    I think
>1 IG card in 12-14 packs is about the actual ratio.  Roughly twice what was
>Now to Signed Cards:  I thought we had figured out that there was no way to
>distinguish between signed cards pulled out of packs and cards Sergio has
>signed at conventions.    However, Shane just pointed out (I think) that
>maybe the signed cards inserted in packs were signed in BLUE ink, while he
>typically signs things at conventions in BLACK ink, like the one I got from
>Eric Chun.  Hmmm.  
>Hey, Ruben, Rat, and Mike S!  I believe you three have or had signed cards
>that you pulled out of packs.  What color is/was the ink?  
>The problem is, or course, that I'm sure Sergio has blue pens on hand (he
>has red and gold!) and would be happy to sign cards at conventions in blue
>as well as black (or red or gold) and probably has!  So I'd still be very
>reluctant to make the signed-in-blue cards a Groo List Item.  
>Anywho, I'll be interested to hear from folks who have actually pulled one
>of the darn things!  
I pulled two of them ,and they're both in black ink.