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On Wed, 24 Mar 1999 13:20:30 -0500, Nate Piekos <nate@piekosarts.com>

>~ What is ME's e-mail address (ME, do you want me to list this?)

ME: Might as well.  It's no secret.

>~ How can I contact Sergio? (Basically, you have to go through ME right?)

ME: The best way to contact anyone who works on GROO is to send paper
mail to my office address -- the one down below, the one I print in
every GROO comic.

>~ How can I contact Stan Sakai?(Could someone please provide me with an
>answer to this?)

ME: See above.

>~ How do I contact Tom Luth? (I think his e-mail is tomluth@aol.com -- can
>someone confirm this -- I'll e-mail him and ask his permission to list his

ME: Tell him I've offered to forward mail from my office address.

Mark Evanier's e-mail address is: me@evanier.com
OFFICE: 363 S. Fairfax Ave., #303 - Los Angeles, CA 90036