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Re: MORE!!!

At 7:27 AM -0800 3/24/99, Nate Piekos wrote:
>OK.  This is it.  Last call for your biographies.  I want to get the
>"GROOP" part of the site done so I can move on.  You have until Friday.
>After that, I'm finishing that section, and moving on to the FAQ
>section.  I will not be accepting new submissions or revisions until the
>*whole site is done*.  (But I will be accepting jpgs or gifs from those
>who have already submitted.)  So you know the drill reply e-mail your
>filled out copy of this form to me...
>Josh Jones, if you're out there, I want one from you too....
>Name:       Anil Melwani
>Nick Name:  BassClef2000 (online nick name)
>E-mail:     am338@is6.nyu.edu
>Location:   Manhatten
>Ebay Handle:
>When  Not Grooing I...play cello, chess, relax, go to NYU
>I Like My Cheesedip...  Cheesy
>Bio:Born and raised in NYC (in 1978) and have lived there and gone to
>school there ever since.
>~Nate P.
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