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Re: Spanish Groo reprints II (images)

> I have some some scanned pages from issue #1 and #2 (new covers, first
> new page & the cutouts pages). You can see them at:
> http://www.cnt.es/groo/index.htm
> PS: If someone is interested in the previous editions in spanish, I can
> get some complete collections (from issues #1 to #75) and the Life &
> Death of Groo graphic novel. Some of them (#40-75) are in TPB which
> feature new double sized special covers for the spanish editions.
> In May a Boogeyman TPB will go out at $4.99 and probably the last issues
> will be printed (#76-120). Gracias y adios!
> ktulu@euskalnet.net

Hey!  It's not supposed to be that easy!  You're supposed to go through all
sorts of histrionics and language barrier problems and then still not be
able to find all the Groonan El Vagabundos (espicially #12) untill at last
you've contacted three or four people who might be able to help you.  

(Btw, the trade paperbacks are really cool and the Life & Death of Groo is
really, really cool!  They all have original covers and the Life/Death of
Groo actually has 2!)

Ktulu, thank you for the previews!   I'm curious, The over says "Forum",
but I thought Paneta-Augustino was now the publisher.  

Take care -Gary G.  (Who really should learn another language someday!)