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Stuff from other Emails, and some new stuff

Old Business:

Actually, that's not what I noticed when I went to the Hall at all.  What I
did notice was its complete absence.  You know, "Error 404 File Not Found,"
etc., etc.  I was just waiting to see if there were any similar reports form
other Groopers [GROOPERS] before I notified you.  I'm running AOL's browser
(v. 4).  I also have IE, but I haven't gotten around to trying to use it to
access the HoM.

The Bio/Chem joke, by the way, is VERY funny, and I DEMAND that all others who
used it retract it immediately, and give me full credit for its invention.  Ha

New Business:

Incidentally, isn't it odd that the parenthesis symbols () are harder to
access on a keyboard than the brackets symbols []?  I mean, parenthesis are
used much more often, but on the keyboard, not only are they farther form the
home row than the brackets, but you also need to press shift to get them.
What's up with that?

Hey!  Did you know there's meat in these things?

-That Guy "Who Feels kinda Whiny Today" Daniel (aka TGD)

PS Why doesn't AOL recognize Email composition as action?  Every time I take
more than a couple of minutes reading and/or writing email it tells me that
I've been idle for a while, then asks me if I want to log off.  The question
is a modal, so I have to answer it before continuing whatever I was doing.