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Gabe's Lament

> I'm presently in Guam and I can't find a comic store.  So I still have no
> Groo #3.  Why lord, why?  Why must you torture me like this?  

> And I have no cards, board game, pins, minis,
> tshirts, or posters.  Wahhhhh!  You guys make me feel like less of a fan.
> Perhaps next time I'm in Malaysia...

Less of a Groo Fan???????????
Gabe Gabe Gabe Gabe Gabe!   This may sound strange coming from me of all
people, but the measure of a Groo fan is not how many cards and and pins
and T-shirts one has. No. No. No. Being a Groo fan is a state of mind. Or
more accurately, the demonstration of a lack thereof!  When you think
you've made a mistake, do you say to yourself "Did I Err?" Does this happen
often?  I mean like a whole lot!  Does mindless mayhem (or cheese dip)
often sound like the best answer to every problem?  If the answer to these
and other equally ridicules questions that wouldn't make any sense if I
could think of them is "yes", then you, Gabe, are a Groo fan.  Take care
-Gary G.  

PS  Don't leave Guam by ship without a dog.