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Re: Spanish Groo reprints II (images)

The Grossmanns escribió:

> Hey!  It's not supposed to be that easy!  You're supposed to go through all
> sorts of histrionics and language barrier problems and then still not be
> able to find all the Groonan El Vagabundos (espicially #12) untill at last
> you've contacted three or four people who might be able to help you.

It's not that easy, but in May I'll go to Barcelona to the Salon del Comic (the
most important comic convention in Spain) and probably I'll can get one or two
complete collections of Groonan el Vagabundo (12 issues, #1-18 USA)  and Groo
the Wanderer (11 issues, #19-39 USA). Some of the TPB and Life/Death are still
available, and the only problem is that I don't know which prices will have the
first complete collections, because all prices raise considerably in this
convention.Anyway, I'm sure I'll can get at least one at a good price, but I
know nothing until that dates.

Next week is the Semana Santa week and everybody takes holidays here in Spain.
I'll go to the Mallorca islands (Mediterranean Sea), and probably I'll have to
go to Barcelona to take the ferry to the island. I'll try to find any complete
collection there and I'll let you know when I come back (April 12th).

> (Btw, the trade paperbacks are really cool and the Life & Death of Groo is
> really, really cool!  They all have original covers and the Life/Death of
> Groo actually has 2!)

Yes, it's correct, and as you've seen the new b&w reprints also have new covers
done last year which represent the original american ones, with some little
differences. I really have to thank Sergio and Planeta de Agostini for having
this iniciative, because the first Groonan el Vagabundo series only came with
one cover and inside there were one issue and a half (don't ask me why, that
was the philosophy of the company in the eighties, and gracias a Dios it has
changed now and we can read a complete american issue in a spanish issue). For
example, in the first 12 spanish issues of Groonan el Vagabundo, there were
published 18 american issues, and we lost 6 covers from being published.

> Ktulu, thank you for the previews!   I'm curious, The over says "Forum",
> but I thought Paneta-Augustino was now the publisher.

As I know, Comics Forum has always been property of Editorial Planeta de
Agostini, and they publish some of the comics under that name and the other
under World Comics name.

> Take care -Gary G.  (Who really should learn another language someday!)

How about spanish...?

Adios y un saludo a todos!
Greetings from Spain,