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Re: My Ebay treasures for the week..

Hi Gary,

I've been a member of the groop for about four months.  Before I joined I
felt like some kind of groo freak, and now that I am on the groop,
uuuhhhhhh I feel like a groo freak.  I admire your passion for groo, and I
too am dessesbo laden.  I want every damn groo in print.  I've got all of
the groo comics except image #2, and lots of the appearances.  I went to
the norweigan groo site and downloaded all of the groo appearances, but it
lacked vital issues, such as the famed Usagi Yojimbo summer special and
others.  Seeing as you once proposed to pack up, move to Malasia, and open
a recycling business just to get your hands on all of those famed malasian
reprints, I thought that you might have a more comprehensive list.  How
also would I go about collecting things like foreign reprints or IG or old
posters...Thanks---------BassClef2000 (Anil Melwani)