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Groopers Srepoorg!

1) Ha!  Just try to gainsay the palindromicity of that subject line!  Even the
space is in the right place, which is not true of the majority of palidromes!

2) The reason the word "Monkeys" is so funny is 'cause it has the letter 'k'
in it.  All true funny words have the letter 'k' inthem.  eg: Monkey, Pickle,
Yak, Kabob, Kalamazoo, Khan! (the way William Shatner says it),  Kilt (men
wearing funny dresses!), Michael Keaton (I don't know....), kakka (a real
word!  The correct spelling of caca!), also, groo carries Katana and he's

-7) "Groopers Repoog" seems to be very popular.  I have 14 emails on that
subject.  Maybe we should start a TV miniseries about it.

1,000,000,000) HI (when I looks like the roman numeral 1) is a sideways

< 8) Geez, sticklers for tradition, aren't you? I mean, missing 'r' missing
's' Repoog/Srepoorg! Sheesh! Stuck in your elitist p-b-t-r* society!  I bet
you don't even consider "snuck" a word!  

-TGD "the Grammaster"

PS 0): "44" is also a palindrome!

PS 1):  Go hang a salami, I'm a lasagna hog

PS 2) If anyone complains about the apostrophy in that last PS, he's a freak.

PS 3) * play by the rules

Hey!  Did you know there's meat in these things?