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Re: My Ebay treasures for the week..

Anil Melwani wrote:

> the groo comics except image #2, and lots of the appearances.  I went to
> the norweigan groo site and downloaded all of the groo appearances, but it
> lacked vital issues, such as the famed Usagi Yojimbo summer special and
> others.  Seeing as you once proposed to pack up, move to Malasia, and open
> a recycling business just to get your hands on all of those famed malasian
> reprints, I thought that you might have a more comprehensive list.  

	Which list did you look at?  Was it the Sergiography or Gary's
Groography?  I am the editor of the Sergiography.... Which summer
special and 'others' are you referring to?  The list there is a year old
now, so I had best get on my butt and update it.... soon, soon... 

> How also would I go about collecting things like foreign reprints or IG or old
> posters...Thanks---------BassClef2000 (Anil Melwani)

	Beg, beg, wait, ask, search, ask, wait, beg, beg.  ( Which is a
palindrome if you use only the words... )

All best,