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Re: My Ebay treasures for the week..

Hi Ruben,
I was referring to the Usagi yojimbo summer special, which came out at
least 10 years ago, which has a reputed groo sighting in it.  I however can
not get my hands on it.  Also groo is in Sergio Aragones destroyes DC and
Massacres Marvel.  These too are not mentioned.  He also appeares in the
background of a crossfire comic, I think # 6.  I'd have to check though.  I
have not yet seen Gary's list, but I hop0e to see it soon.  Today I picked
up Amazing Hero's Preview Special #4 with Groo on the cover, and Two more
issues of the vanguard illustrated #6 with groo on the back.  Also I
finally found Groo in Epic illustrated Aug '85 with the large Groo add.
I'm pretty psyched about these purchases.  Grooooooooovy,

At 2:09 PM -0800 3/28/99, Ruben wrote:
>Anil Melwani wrote:
>> the groo comics except image #2, and lots of the appearances.  I went to
>> the norweigan groo site and downloaded all of the groo appearances, but it
>> lacked vital issues, such as the famed Usagi Yojimbo summer special and
>> others.  Seeing as you once proposed to pack up, move to Malasia, and open
>> a recycling business just to get your hands on all of those famed malasian
>> reprints, I thought that you might have a more comprehensive list.
>	Which list did you look at?  Was it the Sergiography or Gary's
>Groography?  I am the editor of the Sergiography.... Which summer
>special and 'others' are you referring to?  The list there is a year old
>now, so I had best get on my butt and update it.... soon, soon...
>> How also would I go about collecting things like foreign reprints or IG
>>or old
>> posters...Thanks---------BassClef2000 (Anil Melwani)
>	Beg, beg, wait, ask, search, ask, wait, beg, beg.  ( Which is a
>palindrome if you use only the words... )
>All best,