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Re: Groo statue

Hi everyone,

Bubble said:
> Also, I saw M.E. as a "story editor" for a felix the cat toon.

I don't think it's possible to go through a week of Cartoon Network 
and not spot Mark's name at least once. I woke up really early one 
morning and saw his name as a writer for Goldie Gold (is that the 
name of the show? her sidekick/love interest is named Action 

> And I've finished inking a four page groop comic thing. I wonder if
> anyone's got a webpage or something where I can put it?

If no-one's beaten me to it yet, I'd be more than happy to volunteer 
some space! Just let me know.

:] Lia

Movie: "The good die first."   
Tom: "But most of us are morally ambiguous, which explains
our random dying patterns."
                                                         - MST3K