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Re: My Ebay treasures for the week..

Anil Melwani wrote:
> Hi Ruben,
> I was referring to the Usagi yojimbo summer special, which came out at
> least 10 years ago, which has a reputed groo sighting in it.  I however can
> not get my hands on it.  Also groo is in Sergio Aragones destroyes DC and
> Massacres Marvel.  These too are not mentioned.  He also appeares in the
> background of a crossfire comic, I think # 6.  I'd have to check though.  I
> have not yet seen Gary's list, but I hop0e to see it soon.  Today I picked
> up Amazing Hero's Preview Special #4 with Groo on the cover, and Two more
> issues of the vanguard illustrated #6 with groo on the back.  Also I
> finally found Groo in Epic illustrated Aug '85 with the large Groo add.
> I'm pretty psyched about these purchases.  Grooooooooovy,

        Great finds! You're well on your way to Dessesbodome....

        I think there needs to be some clarification about how my list
is set
up.  The separate Groo section is only for items in which Groo was the
main interest.  The other sections do highlight when Groo appears, but
in a sort of code after the first line.  Eg:

Sergio Massacres Marvel #1 (Jun 1996, Marvel Comics) @BC,p9,37

That means that Groo and possibly related characters can be found on the
back cover, page 9, and page 37.  

My Sergiogrpahy is intended as an over-all Sergio bibliography, not just
Groo, but I do the coding to keep that extra bit of information

I was not aware of the Groo in the UY summer special (which is in the
first section), so I'll have to check my copy sometime...

feel free to ask more questions (so I can figure how to better refine
the list),