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Re: Mile High and eBay

Hiya Groopers!

> There is a really funny thing going on with eBay and those Hardcover books.
> They are still selling them on their website for 55 bucks, so a few weeks ago
> I ordered one.  I got a confirmation that it was in stock and I sent out the
> money order.  I better  get the thing too, because if they say they are out of
> it by the time my money reaches 'em, I know that would be a whole lot of BS.
> So if you really want one, they are still selling signed and unsigned copies
> of it.

Signed AND Unsigned?  Do you mean there are unsigned editions 
too?? Always thought there only was the 1500 signed ones made? 
Did I err??
Mark? Any input?

Yours truly,
Ronny Hansen
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