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Fw: Anil's Groo Search Questions

What a Groo-head I am!  I meant to send this to everyone. -Gary G. 

> From: The Grossmanns <grossfam@olywa.net>
> To: Anil Melwani <am338@is6.nyu.edu>
> Subject: Anil's Groo Search Questions 
> Date: Monday, March 29, 1999 9:08 PM
> Hi Folks!
> OK, just to answer Anil's questions:  
> (btw, I sent Anil the latest version the Groo List.  Things keep getting
> added and I keep tweeking it.  It took up 90K.  If anyone else wants it,
> let me know.  Also, could anyone tell me why it takes up only 45K when
> a .doc document, but doubles that when I convert it to .rtf?)
> Anywho...
> The Groo in the UY Summer Special was drawn by Stan Sakai and so I took
> off the Official Unofficial Groo List.  Also, the ads for the Pacific
> on the back covers of other Pacific titles and the ad in Epic Illustrated
> #31 & #32 that is a smaller version of the Epic promo poster and uses the
> same inks as the cover to Epic #2 were also removed from the list because
> they do not have original art.  
> All of these things have been placed on a separate list I call the
> Unoriginal Groo Appearances or U-Ga list.  (As opposed to the Other
> Original Groo Appearances Section or Ooga list)   I still need to put the
> U-Ga list together in a form I can send to the few fellow wackos out
> who are actually interested.  
> There are Usagi Yojimbo issues on both lists.  Stan Sakai told me which
> were which where it wasn't obvious.  
> Tha Crossfire #8 and Amazing Preview Special #4 are cool finds,
> the latter because its a cover.  They are items #11 and #27 (out of 132),
> respectively on the Ooga list.  The Ooga list is in Chronological order,
> except for the last 9 items because they are not publications. (Trust me,
> it makes sense.)  
> How to find International Groos?  Well, contact Ktulu for Spanish Groos.
> wish it had been that easy for me)  We have International
> who can help you with some.  As for the others, I think the best advice I
> can give you is to use the internet and your imagination!  
> ZZZZZZZZZZZ  Oh, excuse me!  This has been such a dull and boring post, I
> fell asleep!  Pretty bad falling asleep during you own post!  
> Like I said, if anyone has any questions about a Groo item or sighting,
> just let me know.  Also, I am still trying to find out where that 1994
> drawing of Mark and all the characters he has written for (including
> of course) that was recently re-printed in The Comic Book Market Place
> ORIGINALLY printed (and am ready to heep prizes upon the person who
> it out)  
> Take care all -Gary G.