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Groop Stuff Overload (I Love it!)

Hi Folks!

OK, I'm going to do a That Guy Daniel thing and have Old Business and New
Business in light of all the excitement that has produced so many posts.

Old Stuff:  (more than 12 hours) 

Lots of interest in palindromes!  They are kind of cool, but they almost
always sound so awkward!  I like the ones that actually sounds like a
normal sentence. Something like: "Del saw a sled".   Also, I always thought
the word for palindromes should be a palindrome.  It should be "Palinilap"
or "Palindrordnilap"  Yeah, that would be a lot better. 

I've gotten to where I like both Groopie and Grooper.  I mean, how can you
not like a great term like "Grooper Trooper"?  

Speaking of which, my Malaysian T-Shirts from the great Grooper Trooper,
Azamin, arrived.  They are really cool.  The art is from a cover, which I
haven't taken the time to look up yet.  And the graphic is big!   Yay for
Azamin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have this great picture in my mind of Azamin
going into The Sun offices to arrange to get back issues and noticing this
stack of Groo T-Shirts.  Personally, it would have taken me several minutes
to recover my composure enough to be able to croak out breathlessly
"Uh,...(grabs hands to stop uncontrolable shaking) um?.excuse m-m-me?.are
those.(gulp)..T-shirts for s-s-sale?"  

That CCG card thing and other shaded misrepresentations on ebay, like the
Signed Harback Chronicles[they are all signed],  are rather annoying. Most
are not blatant enough to warn the buyers about.  I think it was Quest
Magazine or some RPG Fanzine that put Groo Game cards in their little
dealer packets just before the game came out.  They are simply random cards
from the regular game and the expansion set.  There is absolutely nothing
special about them, although I suppose you could make your 60 card game a
61 card game. They also occaisionally show up on ebay as part of a "promo
card" bundle that someone is trying to unload.  

New Stuff

As to the Groop Award festivities:  Nate just continues to out do himself
and major kudos to Kevin, Lia, and Magnus!  So, ok, Nate!  I'm psyched! 
I'm pumped!  I can hardly wait! In fact, I was finally gonna sit down and
read TWE, but now I'm just too excited! 

btw, Kevin, thanks for the .doc v. .rtf  info. 

A Groop Comic Strip!  (One Panel or otherwise)  What a great idea!   I know
we've got it in us to come up with funny stuff.  That'll be fun!  

And Bubble, could you please send me a hard copy of your comic when it's
done.  I would love to see it.  (Besides that will give me one more thing
to do before I read TWE)  

Take care all -  Gary 

PS: Palindromes for Groo fans:

A Toyota