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Re: Josh's humility (& ME too)

On Tue, 30 Mar 1999 18:07:20 -0500, Kevin Hall <kevin.hall@ummed.edu>

>Also, in case Mark tries to come on & be all humble or anything about
>the fab 4 being in the first inductee ceremony, not all creators of all
>comic books WOULD be inducted. Creators come & go over the years, but
>Sergio/Mark/Stan/Tom have consistently & for many years entertained &
>amused us, made us think, & caused us to plumb the depths of our
>silliness. And if you don't believe any of that, Mark, just remember:
>without you guys there would have never been a Groop!! In a twisted
>weird sort of way, you guys *created* us!!

ME: Groo...Magnor...The Boogeyman...the Groop...

Yeah, that's a pattern.

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