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Re: Josh's humility (& ME too)

Kevin Hall wrote:
> Josh kind of downplayed his role in the Groop as he's been busy lately.
> For the "oldbies", I don't need to say anything, but for you newbies,
> aside from creating the groo.com website to begin with (which I can tell
> you from experience takes a LOT of time & creativity), he also created
> the domain "groo.com" AND put together the mailing list that we all
> overload every day!! So, humble or not, Josh, you've accomplished a LOT
> for the Groop, and we (meaning the academy) felt you truly deserved to
> be the first inductee from the Groop itself! I don't think any would
> gainsay you this honor! (You mendicant!!) :)

	I agree with Kevin.

My one line indulgence for today,

"I agree with" is (TM) Gary Grossmann.