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Re: Amazon.com Auctions is now open

Oh, puleeese! Not another auction spot! Just wanted to keep you groopies
(oh yeah, and the groopers too) aware of what's going on. Now all you Groo
fanatics will have to keep your eyes on Amazon, too! This may be old news
to you folks, but I just got this email from them. Back to your regular


>Dear Amazon.com Customer,
>I'm excited to tell you that we've opened Amazon.com Auctions.
>Auctions is something truly different for Amazon.com. In the
>past, when you bought something at our store, you were always
>buying directly from us. Now, with Auctions, our community of
>almost 8 million customers (including you--thank you) can
>sell anything they want to on the Amazon.com Web site.
>Letting millions of sellers participate at Amazon.com is
>another way for us to give you the broadest selection
>possible. You'll find rare books and signed first editions,
>rare music, vintage toys, antiques, sports memorabilia,
>collectibles of all kinds, etc., etc.