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Re: Hey... look at that..

Shane Clarke wrote:
> And yet ANOTHER Groo Chronicles HardCover on Ebay from mile high comics...
> I wonder how many of those things they had? When I bought mine from them
> last year, they only had 2 in stock!?!?!?!

	Yeah, and I got the other one.

	Actually I was lucky enough to have ordered a 'typo entry' in their
online catalogue.  It said the hardcover was not signed, and so it was
$10 less than the 'actually' signed one.  However, I being as smart as
Groo, but less than Rufferto, knew that it must be.  I ordered it, and
in their embarrassment of realising that all the hardovers were limited
edition signed, sold it to me for cover price.  Huzzah!

	What does Groo have to do with this Bludar's Gate PRG Compact Disco
thingy?  Sounds like some sort of devilish ritual warship thing....