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Hall of Fame vs. Groop Awards

Chad Riden wrote:

> --- Nate Piekos <nate@piekosarts.com> wrote:
> > Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls and those of dubious sexual
> > orientation.... (I'm being politically correct while simultaneously being
> > un-politically correct)  I give you the first ever inductees into
> > the HALL of the Hall of Mendicants.
> but, didn't i vote for people in multiple categories?
> best this, best that? or did i miss something?

Gabe "no nickname" Owens also seemed to think he'd missed something.
Here's the scoop. The Groop Awards contain all those categories everyone
voted on. They will be unveiled TOMORROW (boy, Nate, I just can't
wait!!). However, in addition to the Awards, the academy each year will
induct a Groop member (or two, or none) into the Hall of Fame. Nate
wanted to get you all set for the Awards, so he unveiled the Hall of
Fame a couple days early. Clear as mud now as any fool can plainly see!