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Re: Nate & The Drug

Well, I have just gotten ahold of the Baldur´s gate in German. And I likes
it alot. Great game. But, I feel that dragons lair just rules. And so for my
next question...does anyone know where I can get ahold of the cd rom version
for my puter?? I have space ace, but I can not find dragon´s lair anywhere.
I have seen the phillips player one, but not for the puter. The version I
have os the crappy 3 disk version for 386 .. can anyone help me???
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Betreff: Re: Nate & The Drug

>Baldur's Gate rocks. I just can't stop playing it...
>this is just my way of saying ditto on the whole Baldur's Gate issue (which
>according to some people is related to Watergate... I just think it's a
>computer game based on the AD&D rules, which sucks royally BTW, though
>Forgotten Realms is a cool setting). Gotta go my 7th Level Paladin is
>missing me...
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