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Fanboy #3

     Fanboy #3 hit the stands today, another excellent issue!  Aragones has 
     packed in a huge number of side references in his illustrations, ... 
     even moreso than usual!  You can find Sergio waving at you, MAD 
     magazine and comic, the Alfred E. Neuman statue, Groo comic, the Groo 
     Cheese Dip statue, McDonald's, Garfield, Dilbert, Simpsons, Little 
     Lulu, Looney Tunes, Wendy Pini, references to Image, Marvel, DC, EC, 
     Pacific, etc, etc, etc.  Yowza!
     Suggested name for the tentatively planned Groop convention:  
     Groopapalooza (or is everyone too young to remember the rock concert 
     Lalapalooza...which I probably spelled wrong?).  
     Mike S.