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Josh Josh Josh Josh

Hi Folks!

Josh "Humble Knees" Jones was the only appropriate choice for first
inductee!  Whoo-hoo!  

Double Whoo-hoo!  My Groo License Plates arrived today!  So if you don't
here from me for a while its because my car broke down.  (Actually, I won't
get around to putting them on the car 'till tommorow.  Hmmm.  April 1st. 
How appropriate.  

Chris:  I love your palindrome!  I love Teddy Roosevelt references of any
TGD:  I'd like yours a little more if it made a little more sense.  I also
have tried to use "organ". What else are you gonna do with a Groo

Mike S:  You get everything so darn fast!  Does DC (which also owns MAD for
those who do not know) deliver direct to your office?

Eek!  Tommorrow's the big day!  Kevin, I forget.  How are you handling the
time difference and everything.  Tell us computer illiterates what we are
supposed to do and when to follow the festivities.  

Take care all and "see" you at the awards!  

-Gary G.