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Re: "when" the awards will be

The Grossmanns wrote:

> Eek!  Tommorrow's the big day!  Kevin, I forget.  How are you handling the
> time difference and everything.  Tell us computer illiterates what we are
> supposed to do and when to follow the festivities.
> Take care all and "see" you at the awards!

Well...while we're billing it as a "live" type event, obviously it's
just a bunch of stuff on a bunch of web pages (sheesh! Nate's going to
kill me for "anti-hype"). I'll officially make the page(s) available at
9:00pm tomorrow night eastern US time. That lets the west coasters tune
in around 6:00pm, and the pacific rim people (eg Malaysia, phillipines,
etc.) tune in around 9:00 in the morning give or take a few
hours...they'll have to figure it out for themselves. It's not the best
for the European groopers (sorry guys) at around 3:00am (again give or
take a few depending where you are), but there is NO single time to hit
all 4 groups of the Groop easily. 

I also think we should all crash into Josh's chat room at www.groo.com
at 9:30pm eastern to celebrate. Been a while since we've had a groop
grope! So, awards Apr 1, 9:00pm eastern, celebration party in the groo
chat room at 9:30pm!