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Re: Spanish Groo reprints II (images)

> It's not that easy, but in May I'll go to Barcelona to the Salon del Comic (the
> most important comic convention in Spain) and probably I'll can get one or two
> complete collections of Groonan el Vagabundo (12 issues, #1-18 USA)  and Groo
> the Wanderer (11 issues, #19-39 USA). Some of the TPB and Life/Death are still
> available, and the only problem is that I don't know which prices will have the
> first complete collections, because all prices raise considerably in this
> convention.Anyway, I'm sure I'll can get at least one at a good price, but I
> know nothing until that dates.
> Next week is the Semana Santa week and everybody takes holidays here in Spain.
> I'll go to the Mallorca islands (Mediterranean Sea), and probably I'll have to
> go to Barcelona to take the ferry to the island. I'll try to find any complete
> collection there and I'll let you know when I come back (April 12th).

I also wish to be in barcelona this May (But I can't) if Manchester United progress
to the European Cup Final in Nou Camp, Barca stadium.  (btw the Manchester United
game against Barcelona was a great one)