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Re: Groopapalooza?

>      Suggested name for the tentatively planned Groop convention:  
>      Groopapalooza (or is everyone too young to remember the rock concert

>      Lalapalooza...which I probably spelled wrong?).  

Hi Folks!  

If you are talking about the hoped for gathering in Ojai in a year and a
half, the tenative name is GrooFest 2000.  However, I must say,
Groopapalooza has a nice ring to it.  Hopefully, when I see Sergio in San
Diego, I can determine if he still likes the basic idea (it was Sergio's)
and start to make some serious plans.  

As I've said before. I really think it could be a great time and great
oppurtunity for everyone.  Groopies who can make the trip get to meet
Sergio and hopefully Mark, Tom, and Stan, get stuff signed, see Sergio's
studio, and buy original art.  Groopers who can't can still get stuff
signed that they have sent to us (since its "all in the family" Sergio
won't have to be concerned about it being sold).  And Sergio gets to meet a
bunch of fans and hopefully sell some art that he wouldn't otherwise sell,
all without having to leave Ojai. It would be so cool! (No, change that. It
WILL be so cool!)   

By the way, did anyone see the Comics Journal Top 100 comics?  It included
strips and political cartoons.  I thought it sucked!  Groo/Sergio wasn't on
it!!!!  Oh sure, they had most of the obvious selections, Peanuts/Schultz,
Pogo/Kelly, Thimble Theater/Segar, Fantastic Four/Kirby&Lee,
Spiderman/Ditko&Lee, etc. but by and large it was too weighted toward the
folks who think anyone who doesn't read "The New Yorker" isn't worth
knowing and everything by Crumb & Kurtzman must be great.  No Groo, No
Usagi Yojimbo (only the best anthropomorphic historical adventure ever!) No
Frank Miller and The Dark Knight Returns!!!!!  Give me a Break!  
(and on the other end of the spectrum from the Miller-esque, I think they
left off Bill Keane and Family Circus)  

Now I admit to being a hopelessly biased cartoon dilletante.  So I would be
interested to hear what our resident expert of experts, Mark Evanier has to
say about the list.  (He probably thinks its fine, in which case I'll go
sit in the dilletante corner and be quiet.  

Take care all -Gary G.