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Title: Pall-n-drumms
Well, I thought up a couple:

Http://www.Groo.org/wwwhttp/ [a pall 'n' drumm-ic domain name?  I wonder if it's still up for

Noitaz in a Groo? not to no organization. [I don't know what a Noitaz is,
but it isn't in Groo.]

Gru bared no snug guns on Dareburg [refering to the messanger with the wrong
name, who was definantly unarmed(he didn't need to be until he met Groo)]

well, that's all for now.

Dan "Blinky "my nickname has a nickname, or, I'll start shooting the hostages if my demands aren't met" Zero" LaLande

ps please tell me someone else noticed Groo.org
pps my nickname is longer than yours.  =P