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Grooper vs. Groopie and the Tokers! Awards wrap up!!

Don't forget!!!! (as if we could have let you) The 1st annual Groop
Awards will be tonight at 9pm Eastern time. An after-Awards party will
be held in Josh's chat room following the awards at 9:30pm. Come meet &
mingle with the stars!

Some early results in from the Groop voting:
In the final analysis, Groopers outnumbered Groopies almost 2:1, but
there was a reasonably united small "groop" of 5 tokers! ;)

There were almost 20 "middle agers", and nearly 10 each of the newbies &
lurkers!! I was tickled to see so many newbies & lurkers drop by the
site! I hope you ALL come to the after awards party, even if only to
lurk. :) Only 6 people called themselves old-timers, and a surprising
number of people I think of as old-timers considered themselves
"middle-agers". Seems humility prevented some from assuming a more
venerable title. :)

Tonight's festivities will be sponsored by Kraft cheese products, Agway
home & garden suppliers, and Obsession (by Gary Gros...oops...I mean
Calvin Klein). Have fun all!!