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Re: bios

YN3 Gabriel Owens wrote:

> We were in Port Kelang last month! Probably not going again for a long time.
> Damn.  Woulda been nice to hook up with a fellow wanderer.  Anyways, thanks
> for the invite and I'll be sure to tell you ahead of time when we'll be in
> Malaysia again.

Wow, what a miss.  If you asked the groop, anybody from Malaysia, I would be the
first to reply.  If you do so, right now you are wearing the Malaysian Groo T
shirt (the first to wear it besides me).  next time, when you are going to a
port, try ask the groop if anybody in the groop living near the port you you'll
stop.  They'll sure try to help you there.  (What's the Groop for if members
can't help other members).  Anyway, which ship do you posted on?.

The Malaysian Grooper, the Groo trooper

ps  Gabe is a true wanderer.  he wandered all over the globe.  How about we
give  him " the wanderer" as his nickname.  It will be like this:  Gabe "the