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Groo (What else?)

Gary et al:

Pal n Drumms about Groo do not have to contained the word "Organ", "Organic",
or "Organization":  (Though if someone could do a P&D contaning Groo and
"Organic Fertilizer" or something, that would be really GOOD).  The O-O-R-G
can be broken up in many words, for example:

Ono or Groo?  No!

Yes, I know, ignore the punctuation marks, ok?

I just used "organ" in that last one 'cause I spent 30 seconds on it.


PS:  Another good P&D would make use of the words "obsessed" and "dessesbo"

PPS:  I'm gonna start it searching my back issues with Pal and Drumm in them
for palindormes.  Those names can't just be a coincidence [look at Arba &
Dacarba: abracadbra].  Or can they, Mark?

PPPS:  The word "abracadabra" comes from the ancient hebrew for "Father, Son,
& Holy Ghost" , because magicians of that age wold invoke the name of God(s).

Hey!  Did you know there's meat in these things?