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Re: I'm back

Elie A Harriett wrote:

> Hello and welcome back.  By the way, what is JE?

JE is Japanese En**** (I don't know how to spell it).  It is a name of a
virus using pigs as host and attack human vis Culex mosquito.  It can caused
death - after a few days.  It had struck Japan and Australia previously.
Some experts from Taiwan, Australia  and CDC Atlanta are here to give advice
on handling the outbreak.  So far more than 70 people died because of it and
a variant of virus Hendra ( previously attacked Australia - horse).  I think
that's why Islam prohibit its believers to eat pork.

> Anyway, I'd like to order 2 Groo T-shirts.  If the sizes are US, then I'd
> like 1 XL and 1 L.  Thanks

It is a bit smaller than the US Size (according to Ruben).  How about both XL
as the difference between those 2 sizes is just 3 cm on the shoulder.